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Bath and Shower Loofah x 2

This wonderful Loofah is a plant that has large gourd like fruits. Once dried out they become the perfect sponge. Once they have been submerged in warm water they will expand and soften ready for use.

These have been pressed and cut into a flat oval shape making them much more simple for posting with minimal packaging.

This loofah is gentle enough not to damage your skin but abrasive enough to give an effective exfoliation. They are also very long lasting, you can wash them in the washing machine to reuse again and again and once they have reached the end of their lives, just pop them in the compost bin.
This item comes with a cotton tie to hang dry between uses.

Loofahs grow on a bush and will rot down back to the earth, there is no better swap!
  • Natural
  • Handmade
  • Zero Waste
  • Plastic Free
  • Compostable

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What customers have said about the Bath and Shower Loofah x 2

Date: 05-June-2021


I'm not one who usually writes product reviews but, after using my new loofah, I felt I had to. These are fantastic! Initially they feel really harsh, but, once wet, they are gentle on the skin. I'm very impressed. Highly recommended :)