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The Eco Stall Reusable Drinking Cup

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That hot or cold beverage in the morning is a must for most of us, whether it's that strong coffee at your desk or your refreshing tea on the go, our reusable stylish cups are fantastic! The bamboo lid will prevent those spillages and keep your hot drink warmer for a little longer.

Single use take away cups are still being overly used unfortunately. Disposable cups which look like they are made of paper, have been found to contain plastics that do not break down and are damaging to the environment. Take this to your coffee shop instead, let's reduce the use of disposable cups!

Our toxic free, carbon neutral cups are made from fermented plant starch. The single wall tumbler is 65% PLA corn and 35% wheat straw with bamboo lid and cork grip feature. They are 100% bio-based alternative for conventional plastics. They are also biodegradable and compostable when it's time to dispose of.
  • Capacity 420ml
  • Free of Plastic & toxics
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Hot or cold drinks
  • Convenient for on the go
  • Non spillage secure bamboo lid

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